Find the perfect size.

• Start by placing yourself in front of a mirror. It is recommended to take your measurements in undergarments or in fitted clothes that neither constrain nor add extra volume to your body.
• Stand up straight and use a measuring tape that is clearly marked. For your convenience, at Alessia Lusso, we provide you with the size values in both inches and centimeters.


Placing the measuring tape horizontally across the fullest part of your chest, without tightening the band, measure all around the body. (Total Circumference)


Place the measuring tape around the narrowest part of your upper torso. You can also identify your waist by bending side to side.


Standing up straight and legs together; measure the widest part without making an indentation in the body. Place the measuring tape close across your hips and around the body.

Tips to find the perfect fit

• Before purchasing an item, check its respective size chart for a more accurate fit.
• Calculating in-between sizes may be difficult. We recommend to go to the next size up if you prefer a more comfortable fit, or a size down if you are looking for a tighter fit.
• If you are still not sure and need more help, please contact our customer service department and specify your body measurements including the product or products you are considering to buy.

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